Welcome from Conference Chair
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Jaime Alfaro I

Chair of 7th International Conference of Community Psychology

The 7th International Conference of Community Psychology means for all of us one more step forward in this valuable process of strengthening of the exchange and dialogue that we have been developing in these already almost 12 years of reflection, discussion and integration of the diverse and multiple voices that constitute the Contemporary Community Psychology.



All our capacity and energy as Chilean Community Psychology is to make of this new meeting a further advance in development, and also in the questioning of our disciplinary identity, at the epistemological, theoretical and technical levels.

In particular, on this occasion we want to contribute to this trajectory of discussions and learning, placing a special reflexive focus on the participation of communities as the axis and fundamental dimension of the processes of transformation and change, as well as of value generative axis in the construction of coexistence spaces, solidarity and integration, which promote respect for diversity.


Interlinking this central focus in the participation with central dimensions of our disciplinary development, such as: research, training and professional praxis in multi, inter and cross-disciplinary frameworks; critical and reflective research on the relationship between citizenship and state in the context of public policies and community action; the development of coexistence and social justice at the local and global levels; working methodologies for community action and professional work in the social field; the development of social movements oriented to the change of social institutions and the constitution of subjectivities; the problems and challenges that arise from the relationship between society and the environment, considering the modes of association involved in the development of environmental transformations and the right to the city and natural resources.

The organization of this 7th International Conference of Community Psychology comes up and expresses a network of academic teams from more than 17 Chilean universities that, within the framework of a deeply cooperative work, well related for more than 10 years, integrates and articulates the Chilean Society of Community Psychology as an expression of the research, training and professional development that discipline has had in the last decade.


To know your work experiences, your conceptual and methodological proposals and your reflections about Community Psychology will generate a new instance of participation, change and disciplinary transformation.


We are happy to host this Conference.

“For a Community in Motion, see you at The CIPC Chile 2018”

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